After a BFA in Illustration at School of Visual Arts, NY, Cecilia moved back to Europe and started tattooing for fun on her kitchen table in 2009. Few months later she was part of the team of artists at Primordial Pain Tattoo, one of the most prestigious and well known Tattoo shops in Milan, Italy, where she worked as a resident artist for the following 4 years. She often travelled and collaborated with other tattoo shops all over Italy and Europe as a guest artist and attended regularly various Tattoo conventions. She recently moved to California with her husband; after a few months break to adapt to her new home and work on finishing her upcoming Vegan Italian Illustrated cookbook, she is ready to jump back into her favorite form of hurting people. Her approach is eclectic, she enjoys being challenged into the different expressions of tattooing, but she tends to prefer an illustrative style, rich in details and colors. Her second great passion is delicate lettering, over which she obsesses. Cecilia only uses vegan inks and has a sweet tooth for animal themed designs. She also paints, work as a freelance illustrator, runs a small handmade jewelry business and practices yoga with sacred devotion. You can contact Cecilia directly at cecitattoos@gmail.com