Pleasure Seekers/Cradle


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I met Patti Quatro when I moved to Austin, Texas in 2011, at music conference hosted by my friend Carla De Santos (Black). Patti played in the band Fanny back in the early 1970’s .. I had their record Rock and Roll Survivors (1974) when I was 13. I was a big fan.

A year or so later, she called me and asked me to fill in for her sister, Suzi Quatro, at the Detroit Music Awards to get a lifetime achievement award. Suzi had been injured and couldn’t play the show. It may be the strangest gig I have ever done, but it was a lot of fun.

Lynne Serridge: guitar and vocals
Patti Quatro: guitar and vocals
Nancy Quatro (Glass): lead vocal
Nancy Rogers: drums, percussion
Darline Amone: drums (on “what a way to die”), percussion and vocals
chillhouse: bass

Pleasure Seekers ⁄ Cradle performance at Detroit Music Awards 2013 from CHILLHOUSEmedia on Vimeo.