Linda Perry’s first solo effort was the album In Flight recorded with Bill Bottrell producing. In the late 1990’s she recorded After Hours. Neither of her solo efforts saw any commercial success, however in 2000 she was contacted by singer (and 4 Non Blondes enthusiast) Pink and her career as writer/producer took off like a rocket. Linda wrote most of and produced Pink’s “Missundaztood” album which launched Pink’s very successful career. During the past decade Linda has successfully worked with many artists including Christina Aguelera (Linda wrote the song “Beautiful” which won Aguelera a Grammy Award) and Courtney Love. She is considered among the most successful pop music producers working today.

Watch VH-1’s “Behind the Music” episode about Linda here: http://www.mtv.com/artists/linda-perry/playlist/1729172/

Christa Hillhouse attended college from 1995-1998 while also playing in several Bay Area bands including Katherine Chase Band, Holy Joe (with Billy Valentine), Nightmare 66 (with Valerie Stadler) and Dripjoy. She joined Linda Perry for two tours in 1999; the first opening for Brian Adams as a duo and the second with drummer Claudia Paige in support of Linda’s After Hours recording. Currently, Christa tours periodically with piano virtuoso Bob Malone, and while living in Austin, Texas (2011-2015) performed with with singer/songwriter Susan Gibson (best known for writing “Wide Open Spaces” which became the Dixie Chicks’ first #1 single). In April 2012 Christa filled in for injured Suzi Quatro at the Detroit Music Awards with Patti & Nancy Quatro and other members of the Detroit legends’ bands Pleasure Seekers and Cradle. Christa currently lives in Berkeley, California.

Dawn Richardson’s current musical projects include instrumental duo Mental 99 with Joe Gore. In 2010 she toured with Grammy winning singer/songwriter Tracy Chapman. Other current projects include singer/songwriter Shana Morrison. Musical projects have also included rock band Dolorata, multi-media project 2 Toggle, and sessions with singer/songwriters Alexis Harte, Toby Beard, and Tim Owen. Dawn has three drum method books published by Mel Bay Publications and has appeared in feature articles in Modern Drummer and Drum Magazines.

Roger Rocha is currently singing and playing guitar with the band Roger Rocha & the Goldenhearts. On his recordings, Roger has played piano, harmonica, bass and drums. In the mid 90’s Roger played guitar with San Francisco bands El Destroyo and the Mockingbird.

Shaunna Hall most recently played guitar for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. She became an official band member in 2007 after 5 years of touring as a part-time player and crew member. Shaunna released a solo project Electrofunkadelica, in 2006, which features members of P-Funk and was recorded mostly while on the road with P-Funk between 2002 and 2005. Other notable bands include Alcohol of Fame, The Eric McFadden Experience, and Storm, Inc. who’s critically acclaimed recording “The Calm Years” (2001) contains 8 Hall compositions.

Wanda Day played in the Bay Area rock band Malibu Barbi after leaving 4 Non Blondes. She eventually moved back to her home state of Utah and continued to struggle with drug addiction. She died of a heart attack in 1997. She was 38 years old.