We left for Europe again in mid-October. We played in Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris (television) , Oslo, Copenhagen, Zurich, Vienna, Bologna (and did television with Ricki Lee Jones), Milan, back to Paris, Barcelona, Madrid (television), Amsterdam, Holland, Brussels, and Munich. We flew to London for a few days, did a show … and I turned 32. I celebrated backstage after the show with some old friends and new. Thanks Lulu ;-)


One night, after a performance in Amsterdam, we did a live radio broadcast. This footage was shot during the recording:

4 Non Blondes, Mighty Lady (Live) from CHILLHOUSEmedia on Vimeo.


I did a lengthy interview with VOX magazine (UK) in Oct 93.


4 Non Blondes interview and performance from 1993 from CHILLHOUSEmedia on Vimeo.

A friend of ours shot this video while visiting us during a European tour in the summer of 1993:

4 Non Blondes “Train” 1993 from christa hillhouse on Vimeo.

4 Non Blondes “Mary’s House” 1993 from christa hillhouse on Vimeo.

On October 14 1993 we played on the Conan O’Brien Show.

conan-1994 from christa hillhouse on Vimeo.

In October we also recorded “Mary’s House” for the Wayne’s World 2 soundtrack.



On December 8th we played at the Billboard Music Awards and got our picture in TV Guide.


BillboardAwards1993stereo from christa hillhouse on Vimeo.


In December we performed at the Christmas show hosted by LA’s KROQ radio. The show featured the Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, and Tony Bennett – among others. The production staff asked for a song list before the show but we ended up sneaking in “Down on Your Face” at the end. They had to bleep out Linda saying “fucked” twice.

There’s a cute comment by the DJ Sluggo at the end commenting on how nice we were to everyone and how strange it was. I guess being a DJ in LA one can bruise, what with all of the egos constantly bumping into you.